Pokit see bags differently. When Pokit opened its doors in 2000 presenting tactile sculptural forms it was a revolution in bag design. The philosophy and artistic vision put bags front and centre.  Key to this was the idea the designs should be presented in their own environment; these were low-key stores that were off the beaten path allowing people the time and space to discover something new.

"We put bags on an equal footing with clothing. Like clothing they narrate a story beyond their function." - Bayode & Claire

An audacious grassroots company, Pokit use traditional English saddlery craftsmanship with conceptual design to elevate and change the landscape of bags. Coming from scientific and arts backgrounds designers Bayode and Claire's work is thoughtful and as measured as it is original. Driven by the desire to innovate, Pokit produces complex work that separates objects from cultural anchors, subverting codes and conventions. Minimal and at the same time disarmingly familiar, injecting a new realism. But ultimately they are just cool bags.