the environment



Besides the vegetable based dyes that we use exclusively there's no better, more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to treat leather than we do.

Our Tanners and Curriers, who we have partnered with for over 20 years have a newly built tannery where leathers are still worked by hand. It is a far cry from the leather vats of Marrakesh but continues to use what is in essence the same old/ancient processes and recipes without having to forego the latest technology and the latest standards.


Traditional leather finishing processes are combined with the use of EU approved environmentally safe finishing materials to ensure our leather is as sustainable as possible. This goes right down to the environmental controls of the effluent which is spot tested every month without any prior notice to ensure it can go back into the environment safely.

The same goes for all our trusted suppliers, partners and collaborators: accountability, sustainability and responsibility go hand in hand with traditional methods. We turn this into wallets and bags that will last forever,and that in our eyes is the epitome of regeneration and sustainability.