a holistic approach

Our values

Pokit is unique by virtue of being small, niche and independent. Sustainability through longevity begins not only with quality materials, ethical manufacturers and responsible sourcing, but also with a shift in attitude, changing the way we buy. We are on a single minded and very different mission, the creation of future classics. Designing with both eyes fixed on posterity we cherish all our designs carefully taking time to achieve original and permanent products that stand the test of time, so you can buy things that last longer.

"Creating craftsmanship with significance and purpose is our DNA. We see our products with many lives, several owners each passing it on to the next to enjoy. We expect them to hang around for a long time, so make it worth repairing when necessary. They get better with age and use. And we encourage re-use. That's the pact we make with our customers. This is the vintage of the future." -Bayode & Claire

The sustainability journey ends with a commitment to try to change how we buy fashion. It is a holistic approach and a commitment to carry through principles; permanent product ranges, keeping a low profile as a brand, avoiding pushy fashion seasonalism and no clearance sales. It's a model of small scale and high production values instead of frenzied consumerism.


Fixed views of the design process and what objects are supposed to be in fashion makes it hard to categorise Pokit. But it is this independence that comes through in Pokit bags and accessories to give them their distinctiveness and confidence.

Conventionally, rebellion and youth is unquestionably seen as positive and the way to the new, but by audaciously bringing together traditional English saddlery and equestrian influences with London's youthful subculture, Bayode and Claire differ from most designers. Rather than settling for the usual confrontational story for Pokit, instead they look for commonalities and harmonies. This is central to their vision.

Coming from scientific and arts backgrounds Bayode and Claire's work is intuitive, thoughtful and as measured as it is original, using design to explore ideas of place and space, and outsider culture. This recontextualising exposes a realism which creates a dialogue about aspects of street-life and influences in our city. Stirring the messy melting pot.

And when you look closely at a Pokit bag you get a glimpse of this seeing them purely as objects and understand them in their own right separate to a particular history. But ultimately you're always reminded that they are also still very functional bags. For twenty years they've stuck to their 'new realism' principles continuously producing work that manages to gently pull in all these strands of culture and style and energy with subtlety, sensitively melding them together.