our values

We are self-proclaimed style obsessed, as such we pride ourselves that Pokit bags are sculpturally beautiful, irresistibly tactile, and completely functional.
Our designs are slow, built to last and fully sustainable, designed to be repaired and reused.  We promote buying better and buying less with responsible retailing and consumerism.

Each piece is performance tested over time, seeking out English craft techniques and materials best suited to our designs. Long lasting quality is in our DNA and sustainability begins from the first point of imagining, making sure what we design is always purposeful, long term and sits in our collections permanently. This has always been key to our vision.

Our bags aren't just fashion items, we pride ourselves on the timeless design of each bag; each intricacy is carefully considered. We use English premium materials and traditional craftsmanship. Each item is saddle stitched together with hand waxed bridle leather and materials such as waterproof rubber, bonded canvas and cast brass hardware.

We create and curate our collections through this strong belief and understanding of each design, meaning our collections are built up over many years, disobeying fashion's finite system of seasons.