“The word suit instantly evokes images of tradition and formality. We see it differently.” - Bayode & Claire

 Bayode and Claire are the designers behind Pokit and are renowned for their thoughtful approach to style, design and innovation in fashion. Their ethos is to scrutinise, re-engineer and re-evaluate norms. The common suit has been their focus as far as they can remember.

Evolving and developing their own practices and techniques their fresh approach to tailoring has moved the dull suit forward, away from the eccentric novelty into becoming a comfortable, softly made utilitarian outfit viable for everyday not for work or special occasions.

The Pokit suit experience is an immersive and radical journey.  Bayode and Claire maintain the private passion ethos with which they began and continue to create varied and expressive works in response to the wearer.

Pokit suits are still made in our North London workshop, capacity is limited so priority is given to existing clients. Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more.  Bespoke suit prices start at £1,250


DM: @pokitsuit

Call: +44 (0)1843 227 375