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Surface - Cotton

The cotton suit is the original Pokit 3D suit. This utilitarian material is machine washable, loosely fitted and has shape.  It is a take on the worker-chic look, our cottons come in a variety of weights; twills and canvases in black, navy blue, French blue and charcoal grey.

About Pokit Suits

Conventional tailoring is sharp.  Square lined and square jawed, upright and military with one purpose only: To project power and confidence.

There is an alternative; knock the stuffing out of it, soften the lines and invariably you change the attitude.  For over ten years we have been creating these types of suit bespoke. They are understated and for everyday wear but always distinct.

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A new type of suit; deconstructed, designed and bespoke.

To order a suit

Getting a suit made is always special. It starts with a conversation. Our appointment visits take place privately in your home or at work.


Our policy is to always work in a genial and collaborative atmosphere. We use our white canvas toiles to discuss and direct shape, silhouette and style. We are not conventional tailors.


You'll need space: a mirror and privacy to be able to change and to talk freely. A commissioned suit usually takes around six weeks and up to three fitting to complete.

If you are thinking of becoming a client please get in touch.

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A unique sculptural form

The Pokit suit  has a presence unlike any other suit.  With its distinctive, softer, naturalistic shoulders and formed trouser it is free from restrictive conventions.  It is still beautifully tailor made and crafted individually to fit, but by defrocking the suit in this way we re-set the context for wearing suits.


Cloth is more than a component part in the Pokit suit, its role goes beyond the decorative surface.  It is the foundation on which the shape, structure and character of the suit is built.

The Pokit suit, a resolved, original voice within the strictures of 'the suit'

For nearly 20 years Bayode and Claire’s collaborative work has spanned sculpture in the fullest sense of the discipline, as well as illustration, drawing, painting and sewing.

Keen to explore the relationship between fine and applied art by using the suit as a medium they question an historical theme: the figurative versus the abstract.

As a clothing architype the suit presents a point of departure to explore societal constructs; power,  masculinity, status and design ideas around fit and structure.  All this feeds into the practical garment.

Warp and Weft

British and Irish mills have over 300 uninterrupted years of making legendary hard wearing cloth sustainably.  These cloths are the DNA of the Pokit suit beyond nostalgia.